Studio & Class Descriptions

Belly dance at Haft Vadi is so much more than sparkles.

We offer belly dance education that focuses on movement in the context of history and culture. Dance, critical thinking and self-care in every class! Class sizes are small so you can learn fast with maximum instructor support & guidance.


Beginner Belly Dance


Explore the foundations of raqs sharqi. We establish dance posture, develop basic isolations & body awareness, shimmy, and traveling steps. Students are introduced to key famous dancers and the primary cultural contexts of the dance form. Introduction to Arabic music and basic 4/4 rhythms.

Intermediate Belly Dance


More complex isolation patterns are introduced (ie 3/4 shimmy, flutter, jewel). Layering is also introduced along with more complex footwork patterns and turns. Continuing introduction to influential Egyptian dance artists and basic introduction to key Arabic terminology. Continuing exploration of Arabic music alongside movement development.

Multilevel Folklore


Each week, a new folkloric combo + detailed information on cultural context and history! Invented traditions and cultural nationalism yay! Plan to do some Emerati Khaliji, Egyptian Saidi, Cairene Shaabi, Palestinian Dabke, Alexandrian Melayat Leff, Saidi Ghawazi, Iraqi Hetcha, and Haggalah. We will work with props. This class will whet your appetite for folklore, promise.

Modern Egyptian Orientale


This class offers choreography in the style of modern Egyptian raqs sharqi. Attention is payed to lyrics, music and movement. A great workout that involves intense drilling of choreographic sections!


Multilevel Shaabi


This is our favorite. Cairene shaabi direct from Mit 3okba and Imbaba. Prepare to get silly and sweat.

Technique Reformation


Do flexibility, strength, stamina and grace sound good to you? Me too! We will develop various elements of belly dance technique through drilling, exercises, stretching and more. I may or may not use a whiteboard.

Arabic Drumming


Learn the grooves in the music you love. Lessons will include technique on the doumbek, as well as introductions to other instruments such as frame drum, tambourine and finger cymbals. We'll include a bit of dancing for those who want to get the grooves into their bones.