What People are Saying: Teaching and Performances!

"I love your's and Sheldon's energy, kindness and commitment to being 'authentic', and I look forward to the next time when I can get to know you better." - Julia Cardiff, Teaching, Haft Vadi Studio


"Dharlene teaches the art of middle eastern dance with a focus on clear and simple technique. In addition knowing to what muscles to use to execute moves with minimal effort, she has an extensive toolbox of psychological cues to help connect the mind to the body. She breaks even the most complex moves into basic elements which she reinforces in every class at every level. But what's the movement without the feeling? Dharlene has a love for the dance that inspires me to not limit myself and to explore all that bellydance has to offer. She is consistently widening her knowledge and improving her skills while offering amazing workshops by other inspirational dancers to enrich our growing dance community. She is a truly giving and nuturing teacher. We love you Dharlene!" - Chantal, Teaching, Haft Vadi Studio


Dharlene Valeda and Haft Vadi Studio provide top quality instruction in Middle Eastern dances, music and cultural understanding. I began my studies with Dharlene and am truly grateful for the solid foundation in dance technique and musical training that I received. Dharlene is a passionate, skilled performer with great musicality. She also possesses a unique and profound wisdom with respect to dance that continues to inspire me. She has dedicated her life to this beautiful artform and her commitment to her student's safe dance training. Haft Vadi Studio continues to provide students with opportunity to study with visiting instructors, demonstrating Dharlene's commitment to both a well rounded education for her students and for fostering good dance community relations locally as well as with the international dance community. I have said many times that I have learned great dance lessons from many great instructors but Dharlene made me a dancer. I am eternally grateful and cannot reccomend Haft Vadi Studio enough! - Alana Miller, Teaching, Haft Vadi Studio