Haft Vadi seeks to present Egyptian-style belly dance with sensitivity to the Egyptian cultural context and history from which this dance form has emerged. We also hope to teach and encourage dance for joy, fitness, and performance with awareness of the continual transnational influences on this dance form.

Class Size

Your class will be small, with a maximum of 4 students. You will have all the attention and space you need to grow as a dancer. Clear sight-lines of the instructor and the mirrors, and individual feedback on each stage of instruction will also be standard.

What to Wear

Yoga pants/leggings and tank tops or crop tops are perfect class wear. Hip scarves are also encouraged to highlight the movement of your hips. Wearing baggy clothing is discouraged, as it makes it difficult for the instructor to see if you are performing the movements safely and correctly.

At the studio, you can purchase one of our many beautiful hip scarves to accentuate the beautiful movements you will learn in class. 

For your feet, you can be barefoot, or use leather-soled slippers. Check out Kitchener's Inspirations Dancewear for a variety of shoe options for belly dance classes.

The Importance of Music

In classes, instructors will focus on making the complex and beautiful music of the composers visible to the audience through movement. To achieve this, it will be necessary to master the intricate movements of the dance, as well as learn enough about the music to interpret it well.


The teachers at Haft Vadi are very committed to presenting belly dance from within its Egyptian context, while including the innovations of dancers from around the globe. Haft Vadi instructors receive ongoing training with personal feedback from master dancers, to provide you with the best experience of bellydance possible, outside of going to Egypt!